Strategy Development
and Deployment

Assists companies on making clear “where to play” and “how to win” strategic choices.  Equally important is the process of deploying strategy in a way that aligns and inspires the organization to be at its best.


Leadership Development

Identification, development and coaching of key leaders.  Services can range from leadership assessment using easy multiple perspective feedback mechanisms to emerging leader training to one-on-one senior executive coaching. This area also includes planning and guidance for CEO succession processes with the Board and key senior executives.  Can serve as another well-trained “eye for talent” when recruiting from the outside.


Organization Diagnosis

Analyzing organization issues with low levels of engagement and performance and separating out symptoms from root causes.  The approach is one of simplicity and focus.


Organizational Capability

Services provided can range from large-scale organization interventions to targeted approaches in particular functions or parts of the business.

Large-Scale Change

Management of change processes. Employs the use of Kotter’s “8 step” change model and with an emphasis on pace and maintaining control of the process.  Significant experience on M&A integration processes and high-performance manufacturing work systems, including labor relations strategy. 



Interim CHRO

Services can range from short to mid-term CHRO assignments to assisting in the development of the current HR organization and its leadership.  Expert at sourcing talent while assessing both internal and external candidates for HR roles at entry, middle and senior executive levels.


Dennis W. Shuler
President, Core Strengths Management Consulting
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